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The Year 2012 in Brief
The Year
2012 in Brief

The New Paper Mill
The Portucel Soporcel group's new paper mill is one of the largest industrial ventures alongside the River Sado, equipped to produce 30 metres of paper a second and able to incorporate the entire pulp output from the Setúbal complex.


A decisive landmark was reached in the growth of the Portucel Soporcel group on 15 August 2009 with the start of production at the new Setúbal paper mill. The new facility is centred around the most sophisticated paper machine in the world for UWF office and printing paper, highly sought after in the international markets, and will allow the Group to increase its output to 1.6 million tons/year, adding further to its already extensive exports.

The new paper machine features annual production capacity of 500 thousand tons and measures 200 metres long, with a maximum speed of 1,800 metres per minute and a sheet width of 11.1, making it the largest and most sophisticated paper machine in the world for UWF printing and writing paper.

The successful completion of a vast array of construction and supply contracts for equipment and services allowed the new mill to start up in late August 2009, increasing the Group's paper production capacity and positioning it as Europe's leading producer of UWF (Uncoated Woodfree) paper.

With an annual production capacity of 500 thousand tons, the new machine enables the Portucel Sorporcel group to integrate all the pulp produced at the Setúbal complex, increasing the value added of its products and establishing the Group as the European leader in the production of premium office paper.

The paper processing area at the Setúbal mill is equipped with three cutting machines for printing formats and three cutting machines for office paper, two of them with capacity to produce 16 reams simultaneously, making them also the largest ever produced anywhere in the world.

The reel paper store is fully automated, measuring 93.2 m in length and 28.4 m in width, providing capacity for 6000 reels, the equivalent of 12 days' output. When operating normally it caters for an inflow of 186 reels/hour and an outflow of 164 reels/hour.

The paper pallets are stored in a similarly automated and computer managed warehouse measuring 122 m in length and 28.4 m in width, with capacity for approximately 32,000 pallets, offering an inflow of 215 pallets/hour and an outflow of 320 pallets/hour.

The new paper mill is also served by a new container park with an area of 35,000 m2, capacity for approximately 1000 containers, and equipped with 20 loading platforms. The park is also served by a new internal rail branch line, featuring 465 m of double track, making this a superbly flexible logistical platform with generous capacity.

Using unique and technologically innovative solutions, the new plant was built in record time, whilst complying with the toughest environmental standards in force in Portugal and the European Union. A combined cycle co-generation plant with natural gas turbines (80 MW) has also been built on the Setúbal site and will not only meet the power and steam needs of the new mill, but also feed surplus power into the national grid. Thanks to the use of natural gas, with its low carbon content, the plant offers excellent levels of energy and environmental efficiency.

The Portucel Soporcel group's new paper mill in Setúbal involved capital outlay of 525 million euros, generating high levels of value added, with a strong impact on the Portuguese economy.

Official Inauguration of the New Paper Mill

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